YOSEMITY SAM HAT- Paisios X Whyhats
YOSEMITY SAM HAT- Paisios X Whyhats

YOSEMITY SAM HAT- Paisios X Whyhats

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 Two different brands, that share the same passion and creativity for their handcrafted works.

So they created hats made with love, fire and sterling silver. 

  • 100% Handcrafted, painted and sanded
  • 100% rabbit felt
  • Spanish leather
  • 925 sterling silver details
  • Genuine feathers
  • Herkimer diamond

SIZE: 59

Yosemity Sam hat is immediately available in size 58.
If you want this specific design in a different size, do not hesitate to contact us.

All hats are handcrafted, so small differences can appear between this current picture and the hat you will actually receive.

Silver details are made of oxidized sterling silver and a combination of many different techniques.


Silver is undoubtedly a material perfect forthe creation of “legacy” jewellery. Pieces that are timeless and that can bepassed down from generation to generation. This is why all our silver jewelleryis created solely with sterling silver 925 in our lab.


Unprocessed stones created by nature, metalreactions, techniques and playing with fire which makes each reproductiondifferent. Forged and created under the prism of ideal conditions, each pieceis unique and especially for you.


Jewelry that is not confined by sex. Ideal for men or ladies.