Paisio's Story


Paisios Philosophy

Travel the world. Wear us. Take us with you on your travels.

Τhe philosophy of hand-made jewellery gives you the ability to love 10 different designs the same, though in a totally different way each.

“My goal is for each of my pieces to travel to at least one spot on this earth”

Wearing a piece of jewellery is not the completion of your style but of yourself as a whole, your memories – the ones you create wearing it. For me, one’s image is not important, but the way of life that accompanies my creations. Each piece, being worn by its owner, deserves to live an adventure. A spicy moment, as I would call it. A moment away from everyday life. A spontaneous moment. 

The marriage of bohemian aesthetics and rock culture is a personal bet I mean to take on. This artistic whirlwind is the driving power behind my jewellery and identity. 

And music? Well, music has always been a source of inspiration for me. There is always music playing in our atelier. 

The speck or streak or mark in the ring you choose, the design of the bracelet you adore, is each based on the music I was listening to while creating it. 

Every mark, all shapes and techniques are the perfect interlude to introduce you to the world of fine jewellery. 

Discover the sounds and images with us. 

Thank you for visiting with us and we hope you love our brand by owning your place in #paisiosmentesidisteam