9 pieces OF 8 FOURTH piece NECKLACE
9 pieces OF 8 FOURTH piece NECKLACE
9 pieces OF 8 FOURTH piece NECKLACE
9 pieces OF 8 FOURTH piece NECKLACE

9 pieces OF 8 FOURTH piece NECKLACE

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FIRE IN THE HOLE- Pirate Collection 🏴‍☠️

"To confirm your Lordship and right to be heard, present now your pieces of eight, my fellow cap'ns."

9 pieces of 8

The Nine Pieces of Eight were the items owned by the Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court.
Each piece of eight reflected something about the lord who possessed the piece, and altogether, the nine pieces were used to bind the sea goddess Calypso to a human form, after Davy Jones informed the Brethren on how to capture her. Every Pirate Lord has a sacred "Piece of 8" —the object each one used in the past to bind Calypso and swear their allegiance to the Pirate's Code.

Rustic,melted and unique pendants.
This pendant is made of oxidized sterling silver and fire. Every piece is handcrafted which means that two necklaces of the same design will never be exactly the same.

Handmade in Greece
Matte finish


  • Chain: Total length with clasp: 52cm
  • Pendant: Length with hoop: 2,7 cm

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    Silver is undoubtedly a material perfect forthe creation of “legacy” jewellery. Pieces that are timeless and that can bepassed down from generation to generation. This is why all our silver jewelleryis created solely with sterling silver 925 in our lab.


    Unprocessed stones created by nature, metalreactions, techniques and playing with fire which makes each reproductiondifferent. Forged and created under the prism of ideal conditions, each pieceis unique and especially for you.


    Jewelry that is not confined by sex. Ideal for men or ladies.